Dr. Dowling is by far the best doctor that I have ever seen.  She takes the time to listen and hear your concerns. That is something that is almost unheard of these days.  I have never felt rushed in any of my appointments with her.   I started seeing Dr. Dowling because I wanted to lose weight.   I was a 41 yo woman, 5’1 and just under 200 pounds. I have a family history of heart issues and cancer.  I have high blood pressure which I take medicine for and my PCP doctor has threatened to put me on cholesterol medicine if I didn’t get that under control. So I did not want to diet, I wanted to change my lifestyle. I also did not want to take a bunch of medicines. When I met with Dr. Dowling, she listened intently to what I wanted and how I was feeling. She did a thorough physical exam and medical history exam.  From there, she composed a nutrition plan for me that also included natural supplements as well as exercise suggestions. I felt like we were partners in my health care.  I followed her advice and I started losing pounds. But I wasn’t consistent, so the weight came back. I felt like I had disappointed Dr. Dowling but she never made me feel bad about “falling off the wagon.” She still encouraged me.   Fast forward to May 2021, I made the decision that I need to be accountable  for my actions and partnership in my health.  I contacted Dr. Dowling and we started over. She kept encouraging me and would celebrate even if I only lost a half of a pound.  I am proud to say that as of July 2021, I am down 10 pounds, and counting!! I have changed how I eat and I am exercising consistently. I can tell my BP is getting better.  I cannot thank Dr. Dowling enough for her care, encouragement, and wealth of knowledge and wisdom. You can tell that she cares about what she does and cares about her patients.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER for your primary care needs, nutrition and wellness needs, and whatever other services she can provide. She is truly a diamond in the rough.