About Us

In my late teens while in my church’s youth service, we were challenged to write a vision statement for ourselves.   I stated I wanted to complete a residency in Family Medicine with a goal to finish a fellowship in Alternative Medicine.  After earning my medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School and completing a family medicine residency at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, I never completed the fellowship.  Instead, I gladly accepted a position in Hampton, VA in a traditional practice run by a large health system for 14 years.  Towards the end of this time, I realized my patients were not getting better.  I was barely able to maintain their conditions.  Even worse, I started to develop health concerns of my own.  Stress, poor sleep, and being overworked added to my symptoms.  I sought to find a way for my body and that of my patients’ to heal naturally. 

I was introduced to the Nutritional Therapy Association by a great friend.  Here, I learned how to evaluate the body from an alternative perspective and use supplements and nutrition to improve it.  Desiring more education, I then obtained my certification in Functional Medicine from the Functional Medicine University.  Here, I was provided an evidenced-based education on clinical nutrition. The combination of clinical nutrition and allopathic medicine helped me to improve my own health.  In the final days in my traditional practice, this approach produced positive results for my patients also.  I believe wellness is not just management of disease, but rather it involves a balance of the mind, body and spirit with nutrition, exercise, and mental wholeness.  

I am excited! N2U Nutrition and Wellness is a vision that came about out of a need to be better—a better physician who seeks to prevent disease and treat the cause…. a better person to myself by slowing down my pace to improve my own health and longevity… a better daughter, sister, and mother because I am present.  

Let us work together for a better you!


Dr. Dowling is by far the best doctor that I have ever seen.  She takes the time to listen and hear your concerns. That is something that is almost unheard of these days.  I have never felt rushed in any of my appointments with her.   I started seeing Dr. Dowling because I wanted to lose weight.   I was a 41 yo woman, 5'1 and just under 200 pounds. I have a family history of heart issues and cancer.  I have high blood pressure which I take medicine for and my PCP doctor has threatened to put me on cholesterol medicine if I didn't get that under control. So I did not want to diet, I wanted to change my lifestyle. I also did not want to take a bunch of medicines. When I met with Dr. Dowling, she listened intently to what I wanted and how I was feeling. She did a thorough physical exam and medical history exam.  From there, she composed a nutrition plan for me that also included natural supplements as well as exercise suggestions. I felt like we were partners in my health care.  I followed her advice and I started losing pounds. But I wasn't consistent, so the weight came back. I felt like I had disappointed Dr. Dowling but she never made me feel bad about "falling off the wagon." She still encouraged me.   Fast forward to May 2021, I made the decision that I need to be accountable  for my actions and partnership in my health.  I contacted Dr. Dowling and we started over. She kept encouraging me and would celebrate even if I only lost a half of a pound.  I am proud to say that as of July 2021, I am down 10 pounds, and counting!! I have changed how I eat and I am exercising consistently. I can tell my BP is getting better.  I cannot thank Dr. Dowling enough for her care, encouragement, and wealth of knowledge and wisdom. You can tell that she cares about what she does and cares about her patients.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER for your primary care needs, nutrition and wellness needs, and whatever other services she can provide. She is truly a diamond in the rough.   


Dr. Nequita Dowling is a treasure.  As my primary care provider since early in her medical practice, as a military spouse, and as an octogenarian, I credit the status of my good health to her wisdom, and to her comprehensive and insightful approach to healthcare.  She more than listens to my concerns, she hears me as she evaluates: an approach that led her to a life-saving diagnosis and surgical procedure on my behalf, for which I am grateful. Throughout my many years as a patient disconnected from the permanence of established medical caregivers by a transient military lifestyle/career, I appreciate the continuity of being "grounded" by Dr. Dowling's stability.

Elizabeth C. Johnson

I have been a patient of Dr. Dowling since about 2012.  She is one of the best physicians that I have ever had.  She is very caring and attentive and has a “no nonsense” bedside manner. She is also very knowledgeable. After being in her care, I have recommended her to all of my friends, and they also agree with me.